Article Submission and Guidelines


Articles are a valuable tool for us to communicate with individuals, couples, and families about all aspects of collaborative divorce.  We invite you to write articles on your area of expertise and how it relates to the collaborative divorce process.

However, to ensure your article makes the most impact online, we ask that you follow our checklist below:

  • Ensure your website is linked to – This is required – please include in your article submission email a link to your specific website page that references
  • Write article in Microsoft Word
  • Ensure it is at least 300 words in length
  • Use simple to understand language. You’re writing to everybody, not fellow colleagues, so minimize the professional jargon.
  • Include Keyword in the Title, First Paragraph, and a few more times throughout article. (See Keyword Guide section below for help.
  • Add byline to bottom of article which includes (in order): Name, Credentials, Title, & Website Link.
  • Review and save article as a Microsoft Word document
  • Submit the Word document as an attachment to the following email address: David Harper, CPA –

Why Link My Website to CDITB?
It helps improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which ultimately means people can find us easier online.  This benefits both the general public seeking help and our members who can provide the help.  This is a requirement as a member of the CDITB group.

Keyword Guide:

What is a keyword and why use them?
Keywords are common search terms used online to find information.  For example, to search for a divorce attorney in Tampa one might Google the phrase “divorce attorney Tampa” or “Tampa divorce attorney”.  Using these terms in your Title, First Sentence/Paragraph, and throughout your article helps people find it online.

How to Select a Keyword?
You have a subject you want to write about; now you need to think how people would search for that subject.  As professionals, we use big terms like “dissolution of marriage”, but people don’t search for that.  Instead, they may search for “divorce”.  So, go ahead and write about dissolution of marriage; just use the term “divorce” in most instances throughout your article – especially in the title and first paragraph.

Choosing a Keyword?
Review the PDFs of keywords below to help you find a good keyword to use in your article.

I Can’t Find a Keyword to Use?
You reviewed the keywords and you didn’t find one that works.  That’s okay.  We recommend you still write your article, but focus it on a term that makes the most sense to you regarding the subject.  Follow the checklist above as closely as possible. Use your term in the title, etc.